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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Receiving Line

As you may have surmised by now, there are a number of regulars that seem to populate this campground. When a couple arrives and/or departs, there is an informal "receiving line" to welcome them or to bid adieu. Today Skip and Donna Anderson departed and Arnie and Carol Brewer arrived. The two pictures show a portion of the "receiving line" and a shot of Skip giving Durelle a good-bye hug. Of course Belle has to be a part of all the festivities. The more rambunctious Baxter was relegated to the bus. Today was a classic case of the changeable Maine weather. It was warm enough this morning that we put off some housekeeping chores until tomorrow. Most rigs had their ACs running. We managed to get by with lots of open windows and lots of fans. By the time for the Friday campground Happy Hour rolled around, the weather had started to change. There was a momentary rainbow that I was too slow to capture; bands of whitecaps showed up on the bay; and temperatures started to drop. This morning the air was still and the temperature in the sun was is the 90's. It is now 2200 and the temperature now is down to 59.5. We'll be in the 50's (or lower) tonight.
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