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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Bay Alabama

     Well, here we are at beautiful, downtown Red Bay. We arrived about one (CST) and will head into service bay 35 (of 48) at 0700 tomorrow. Alarm clocks and I are not the best of friends and haven't been since March of 1997. The picture that does not fit the theme for today's blog I snapped of a C-5 settling down on final approach over our back yard Monday as it headed to Joint Base Charleston (previously known as Charleston AFB). If I had been quicker to grab the camera and run outside, it would have been much more dramatic. I'm sure I'll get another chance.
     The first shot of the bus was taken just before departure about 0830 yesterday. About midway of our 350 mile first day we stopped in Augusta and met Jeri Johnson for lunch. It was nice to get caught up with some common (and uncommon) friends. If we don't see her again in April in Charleston, we will in August in Belfast, ME.
     There is also a shot of the parking area at Tiffin.  If you look closely you'll see Durelle and Baxter out for our evening jaunt.  The place she is walking used to be runway 18 at the WWII Red Bay Naval Air Station.  You can still see the number painted on the approach end.  All sites are pull-throughs with 50A water and sewer.  Actually they don't have the water turned on yet this spring (?), but there is a convenient spot to fill the tank.  The sites are $10 per night, and they're free if your work is warranty work.  It's a well oiled machine that operates very effectively.
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