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Monday, February 28, 2011

Update from the Florida Panhandle

     We are settled in here in the Florida panhandle, aka LA (Lower Alabama).  We arrived Friday without a reservation ( because they don't take them) and moved immediately into a non-sewer site.  It's a great site on the bayou with a view toward the sunset.  There should be a sunset picture in the future.  We will move to a sewer site when one becomes available.  Today, while Durelle turned in a great round of golf, I went to the office, borrowed a "blueboy" (a portable tank on wheels that can be used to empty ones holding tank(s) and towed it to a dump station).  I emptied both tanks so tomorrow will probably be a laundry day.  While Durelle was enjoying a good round of golf, Baxter and I had a pleasant day sitting outside reading "The Federalist Papers".  It's the slowest reading I have ever encountered! 
     You can spend hours with a pair of binoculars around your neck wandering trails through the woods looking for the perfect bird picture.  But sometimes one just shows up in your front yard.  The picture of the cardinal was taken through the bus windshield.  The other picture was taken as an aircraft was "turning final" right over my head.  Many  of you will recognize the distinctive bottom profile of the F-22.
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