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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tyndall AFB

     We arrived at Tyndall AFB just after noon.  For the first time since we have been coming here we did not have to go into "overflow".  We will move when a sewer site becomes available.  The first picture is taken through the windshield at site #16.  That water you see is Bayou something or other.  The other pictures were taken Monday inside the Tiffin factory.  One shows the extent of extra stainless steel tanks asociated with the new clean diesel requirements.  One shows a bedroom slideout being hoisted into position, and the last shows the assembly process of a wiring harness.  The individual wires are not only color coded but also printed along their lengths with nunerical codes.  I mentioned earlier, I think that at twelve a day, a new Tiffin motorhome rolls off the line avery 40 minutes!
     We left the interstates in Montgomery and headed south on 231.  For most of its length it matches an interstate in that the speed limits are 55 or 65 and there are two lanes each way separated by a median.  The difference is that it passes through a number of towns such as Troy, Ozark, Dothan and several other smaller villages.
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