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Monday, May 30, 2011


     We just spent a couple of wonderful evenings with old friends (55 years!) in Houston.  After four straight driving days, it was nice to stay in the same spot for a couple of nights.  Saturday night we joined Mark and Sally Lowrey at the Palm restaurant.  They have a bone-in veal parmigiana that is truly memorable.  We had a nice Sunday breakfast with Dick and Eleanor Roth who are anxious to climb into the old Monaco and head north out of the heat.  But the highlight of the weekend was a glorious Texas barbecue Sunday at the Lowreys' elegant home.  Also present were their daughters, Elizabeth and Katy, their husbands and children.  It's a strong family, forged by a multitude of adventures, that clearly enjoys each other's company.  The food wasn't bad either...pulled pork, ribs, brisket, chicken, etc.  When we left SC, we were not anxious to endure several more days in the mid-nineties, but the visit to Houston made it all worthwhile.
     Today we got away at our usual "nineish".  We took I-45 north out of Houston to Dallas where we took a a five mile jog to the west on I-20 and picked up I-35 north which will take us to OK City.  We stopped at a nice RV Park in Denton, TX.  They even have a drive-through RV wash!  I've never encountered a park before that had one.  I expect that tomorrow we will make a little excursion through Norman, OK to include a trip down Vine street to check out our old digs from '66 to '69.
     I know pictures are important, and I promise to do better.
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