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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elk City, OK

     Today we arrived in Elk City.  It wasn't a long day but we made a brief side trip into Norman, OK where we lived from '66 to '69.  The first two pictures were taken in Denton, TX this morning. I can recommend the Destiny Dallas RV resort.  Baxter likes to sit in the driver's seat when I'm outside hooking up or unhooking.  The other two pictures were taken out the window in front of 1812 Vine Street in Norman.  It's a brick 4 BDR, 2 Bath, Central A/C with a 2 car garage.  In 1966 it cost us $19,600!  The red bud tree in front I planted in '67.  One Sunday morning in Pink, OK I dug up a three foot high sapling on the bank of the Canadian river.  As you can see, it has survived very well.  The house appears to be in good shape.  We didn't knock on the door as I was blocking the road.
     I filled the fuel tank today.  I got a low fuel warning about ten miles before I stopped and was only able to put 92 gallons into a 150 gallon tank.  The next time I'm at Freightliner, we'll have to talk about that.  The price was (only?) $3.689.
     West of El Reno we saw a lot of recent wind damage.  The trunks were truly twisted off.  The temperature is now 89 in the shade, but it is still cooler than Houston or Charleston.  Colorado, here we come!

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