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Friday, November 18, 2011


     The motorhome lifestyle can be exciting even when you are not on the road.  We got a call this morning from ProTech, Inc.  They are the local RV maintenance folks whom we have depended on for several years.  It seems that last night a professional crew came through their lot and burglarized seven Class A motorhomes including ours.  Entry was gained by taking a tire iron or equivalent to the driver's side window.  They ripped out the main TV and satellite receiver and generally ransacked the place looking for anything else they could fence.  A bunch of trim molding was destroyed in the process.

     The next picture shows my spare parts container dumped out on the couch.
     The last picture shows the broken glass outside the driver's window.  Please note that the rig is nice and shiny from ProTech's recent wash and wax!

     Ironically, they had finished the repair of the slideout and cleaned the rig and called last week to tell us it was done.  I was going to pick it up and put it in storage at Charleston AFB.  We were then going to make our annual pilgrimage to Red Bay, AL after the holidays.  This time we were going to upgrade from the the combination washer/drier to a stacked pair of units.  Since that was now the only reason to go to Red Bay, I asked Wayne McCoy, the owner of Protech, if they could handle the job.  They could, so we left it for them to do some research and come up with an estimate.  Oh, Well!
     Now the matter is in the hands of USAA, the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and ProTech's insurance.  We had no immediate travel plans so I guess the inconvenience will not be a major one.  I'm sure there will be some out of pocket expenses, however.
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