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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back on line

     Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I have been off line for four days.  I did not dare to go over to Best Buy on Black Friday.  On Tuesday my wireless card stopped working.  It is astounding how much internet access has become so integral to our lives.  Today I decided to take a chance and found the service desk idle.  The fellow that helped me had a physical appearance that was the antithesis of the prototypical geek.  Six-two, black, cornrows, and looked as if he had been a middle linebacker in a previous life.  He spent an hour with me decluttering my laptop, resolving by deletion some competing anti-virus programs, and uninstalling and re-installing drivers.  When he was done, I was back in business.  He declined an offer to pay AND declined a cash tip, saying, "A handshake will be just fine."So, I am back on line.  
     I mentioned that I was going to be grilling the Thanksgiving turkey.  Below is a picture.
     You can see the temperature probe that goes to a transmitter that sends the temperature to a remote receiver.  It was cooked over pecan pellets.  My new Treager grill operates like a auger-driven/thermostatic pellet stove and is the best grill I have ever had.  
     We only had Cindy with us for the meal, but it was a classic New England Thanksgiving dinner.  There were no yams or turnip greens or collard greens...mostly because I haven't yet learned how to cook 'em.
     I'm glad to be back on line and hope you had a great holiday.
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