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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hodge Podge

  It has been a long time between posts.  But, we are about to get on the road again.  It appears that all the trauma of the burglary damage is behind us.  It took a couple of more iterations to get the TV back in operation.  Today I brought the rig to the Camping World in North Charleston.  We now have the TV back in normal operation.  As most of you readers know, we don't go anywhere without the sports channel and DirecTV coverage.  I do have some pictures, but as the title implies,they are not connected by any coherent theme.
This picture is of Drayton Hall.  It was taken while the Dunns were here.  That's Durelle on the portico.  I used this shot in the previous post.
        This one is a view toward the Ashley River taken from the entrance to the house.
Since then we have finally gotten the TV system debugged.  It took a while.  The burglars not only took the TV, they took the card out of the satellite receiver.  We have reservations at the Naval Weapons Station (5 miles away) for a three night stay next week. The purpose is to make sure that we have all of the bugs out of the system before we take off for the summer.  We have a new TV, a new drier, and a number of changes.  I think everything is squared away, but it is worthwhile checking things out to be sure.
     We have taken  a few backyard pictures that are worth noting.
      This is one of the pleasant sunset pictures.

     This is a shot of my beer mug from my college days with a bunch of fresh oysters at an oyster roast at the next door neighbors. 
          The last picture is of a heron in the back yard.  I am told on good authority (thanks, Ann) that the apparent injury on the shoulder is simply a changing of plumage as he enters into the mating season.  Why would he be so obvious?
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