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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Dunns do Charleston

     This weekend we were pleased to host Bernie and Ann Dunn as they motored north to Cape Cod in time to vote in the Massachusetts Republican primary.  It was a great visit even though it was shortened by a day because they had to have some brake lines replaced before they could leave Florida.  They arrived Friday and we met them on route 17 and led them in to Charleston AFB (Joint Base Charleston) to the FamCamp.  It has been newly refurbished and has vaulted Charleston from being one of the worst FamCamps to one of the best.  They got set up and we went home to get the camera and then took them to the Citadel for the Friday afternoon Retreat Parade.
     It was a perfect day for a parade.  Both Bernie and I have done our share of parading, and we enjoyed watching the Citadel cadets doing theirs.  Below are a couple of shots from the parade.

     After the parade we went to the Hominy Grill for an early supper.  It is a classic, out of the way, Charleston eating spot that has been serving traditional southern recipes for a long time. Saturday was a bit rainy, so the traditional carriage rides did not seem to be the best option.  We chose, instead, to visit Drayton Hall.  It started life as a typical, pre-revolutionary rice plantation; but, at some point, evolved into a phosphate (fertilizer) mine.  It carries the distinction of being preserved, not restored.  There is no electricity or plumbing.  The brick s---house is a seven-holer (family meetings?).  The building must have been a marvel in its time.  When the rest of the countryside supported log cabins, this place sported 27 foot ceilings in the foyer and sculptured plaster ceilings in the entertaining rooms.  The cypress wainscoting looks as good as it did two centuries ago.  It was a bit special when Bernie was able to assist the tour guide in the intricacies of plaster ceilings because his father had made a living creating them.

        After the tour of Drayton Hall, we adjourned to Ibis Glade where we had a nice supper.  I put a pork tenderloin on the grill, and we had a pleasant evening.  We drove the Dunns back to their campsite in a fairly heavy rain and bid them adieu.  We'll see them again in August in Maine.
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