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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shakedown Cruise

      Monday we drove five miles to the RV Park at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station, a part of Joint Base Charleston.  It is an open, quiet RV park that used to be a housing trailer park for enlisted housing. Once they built some adequate enlisted housing, the place was turned into a FamCamp.  It was a win-win.  As you know, we have had a lot of work done on the rig this winter, so we wanted to the opportunity to get everything checked out before we took off for five months.  
         We did some serious spring cleaning.  I pulled out every slideout storage tray and removed everything.  Then I went through each tray and vacuumed it, and I vacuumed under each tray.  Old stuff went to the dumpster and the remaining stuff was cleaned and resorted.  Durelle did corresponding things inside.  The weather was perfect.  Sitting outside in the evening could not be nicer.  The next shot shows the sunset.
     Next door is a young couple with an apparently homemade trailer that was built to replicate a caboose.  It looks nice.

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