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Friday, March 22, 2013

Back Yard Critters

    Well, pop your chest up and be proud!  You are the master of this least until the water gets warm enough for the alligators to return.
     We haven't been much of anywhere lately, so all I have to offer is some back yard shots.  I have finished the second Adirondack chair except for applying the finish (a clear spar urethane by Minwax).  I have returned the garage to its previous configuration which will allow me to park the old Corvette in out of the pine pollen storms.  Actually, I'd like to make some more of those chairs now that I have it down to a science.  The problem is that unless I decided to make them out of pine, forego the stainless steel hardware and marine grade adhesives, and just paint them; I'd have to sell them for a hundred bucks.  Probably a small and unsatisfying market.
     There has been a lot of activity on the bird feeder.  If I want to capture some of it, I would need a tripod and an RF remote shutter control.  Below are some back yard bird shots that are shaky hand held shots,and I think the hand is getting shakier.  Here is some activity around the pond.
     Recently, I ran (?) outside with the camera to get a shot of our eagles  I got a good shot, but it wasn't our local eagle.  As you can see, this is clearly an osprey.
      Of course, I have to close with a shot of our favorite back yard critter.
     Say, "Good Night", Baxter.
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