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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A C-5 Overhead

     Two posts in one day?  Just as I was finishing the previous post, Durelle yelled, "It's a C-5!"  There is a very distinctive whistle in the engine sounds that distinguish it from other large aircraft.  I had the camera handy as I had just uploaded the pictures of the Christmas cactus.  I grabbed it and hustled out back, happy that I had taken it out of the close-up mode and had re-enabled the autofocus.  I was there in time, but at 1700 hours he was passing right in front of a bright sun.  I paused and took two shots.  Here is the first one.  If you look closely, you'll see that the landing gear are in the process of deploying.
     Having no idea if I had caught him, I snapped another.
     You can't see it, but I can on a blow-up...the landing gear are now down.  This picture is very recognizable as a view of our backyard fence and bluebird house.
     I hope to catch a better picture, perhaps in front of the setting sun.  It's a great aircraft.  Great has two meanings.  It's also BIG.  It can carry a payload that is equal to the gross weight of a fully loaded 747!  The Wright brothers' first flight could have taken place INSIDE the cargo bay of a C-5!  It has made million pound take-offs!  It is still serving as a workhorse for oversized, heavy cargo.
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