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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Cactus

     One of the legacies in the Cloutier clan is the famous Christmas Cactus.  It was originally a favorite house plant of my grandmother, Annetta (Nanny) Cloutier.  A large number of cuttings have proliferated throughout the family for seven decades.  My mother had one, and both my sister, Marian, and I have some of the progeny.  For years it provided multiple blossoms for the Christmas season.  Perhaps, as we moved around with changing light and  climate, its circadian rhythms have been changed.  At any rate, it is now our Easter cactus.
     It demands almost nothing in the way of green thumb attention and is a constant reminder of my mother and my grandmother.
     The weather is just now becoming spring like.  There have been a couple of overnight frosts in the past week or so.  Below are a couple more cardinal pictures taken through the guestroom window.
     Have a wonderful Easter
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