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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting anxious to head north

     Well, the bus isn't going to be finished until next week.  Given that it will take the old farts three days to get it packed for the summer, we would be right in the teeth of the Memorial Day weekend.  Since it has been a long time since we have been in a hurry, we decided to wait until Tuesday the 28th to depart.  Below are a couple of shots of the bus masked up for painting.  Don't ask me to recount the stupidity that necessitated these repairs.  I did that last year.

     I did take a couple of shots in the back yard of the birds that are native to the area.  The first is a blue heron.

     The second is a C-17.

     This is what they look like on final approach over our house.  Last but not least is a bud on our magnolia tree.  With any luck, many of these buds will be in full bloom for a photo op before we leave.

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