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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some pictures

     I have posted probably 2000 of MY pictures on this blog.  Tonight I am posting some that Durelle just took.  We have had all sorts of critters around our pond: eagles and ospreys fishing, geese and goslings parading, deer grazing, and alligators basking.  Lately there have been some nice sunsets.  Here's a few of Durelle's shots.

     It doesn't look like we'll get the bus on the 15th, so we are tweaking our northbound schedule.  Because of Memorial Day weekend we don't have as much tweaking flexibility as we would like.

1 comment:

Mark Cloutier said...

We are tentatively planning a celebration on the 15th for my 50th birthday and your 53rd anniversary. Parker's for breakfast, then golf for those that can swing a club.... and dinner tbd (bbq at 5 Butternut, or maybe Smokey Bones) Will you be in NH by then, and not gone to Maine yet?