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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bus Repairs

     Most of you recall my embarrassed accounting of how I damaged the rear cap of the bus just before we departed for our 2012 summer.  It was nicely patched with color-coordinated 'gorilla' tape that worked fine all summer.  A new, one piece end cap had to be manufactured at Tiffin and shipped to ProTech here in North Charleston.  Below is a picture of the shipping container.

     Once it was laid out on the floor of the body shop, the old cap was removed and all dimensions were checked and found to be identical.  No surprise; they must have come out of the same mold.  It was necessary to add reinforcing plates where the ladder is mounted.   The next shot is the rear of the bus with the cap removed.

     Below is a shot of the reinforcing plate being installed.

     Here is a shot of Freddie and Willie and the job ahead of them.

     Once mounted, the finicky job of repainting the multiple colors and matching the stripes can start.  That's Willie's specialty.  The plan is to have it done on the 15th so we can depart on the 18th.  Keep your fingers crossed.
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