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Sunday, February 16, 2014


    There has been an Eastern Bluebird gracing the back yard recently.  My hip spoils the alacrity needed to hop up, grab the camera, and get into position to get a shot.  So, as in many other of my previous responsibilities, Durelle grabs the camera.  After a couple of tries, she has settled on taking the shot through the screen of our porch..  It is not optimum, but opening the door scares it away.

     This, of course, is a male in full plumage.  Our bird feeder is fifty feet from the house.  Pictures through the window suffers because we have that 3M film on the windows to knock down the afternoon sun.  Of course our yard is on the southwestern side of the house.  I need to get a tripod and a remote shutter, and I could get some excellent pictures.
     Speaking of the last blog I included a picture of Durelle and I from 53 years ago.  To continue that theme, here's one from 60 years ago at our junior prom.

     What do you think?
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