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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

     Happy Valentines Day!
     No new pictures, so how about an appropriate old one?

   Is this one old enough?  It's some 53 1/2 years old but appropriate for Valentines Day.  You can tell that there is not much going on when I have to go back this deep into the archives.  We have survived the TWO ice storms of 2014 and presume that there won't be any more.
     Some good news on the medical front.  The hip surgery has been rescheduled for the 2nd of April and the cataract surgery is a week from Tuesday.  I had incorrectly assumed that the Plavix (blood thinner) would preclude all surgery, and I was trying to get them both scheduled during the Plavix-free window that the cardiologist, Dr. Rieder, would permit.  Well, cataract surgery is so bloodless that Plavix is a non factor.  The real reason it was cancelled in January is that I was in the hospital.  The six weeks between now and 2 April will go slowly.  I'm tired of the cane.  Durelle, of course, is healthy enough for two people.  
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