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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Estelle Anderson

     One fine spring morning in 1938 Durelle's folks brought her home from the hospital.  Waiting to carry the new baby into the house (while Durelle's father helped her mother) was a teenager named Estelle.  Twenty-two years later, when Durelle needed a wedding cake, Estelle baked it.  In 2010 when Durelle needed a cake for her fiftieth wedding anniversary, Estelle baked a replica. This is a special relationship.

     Today we drove up to Pawley's Island, SC where Estelle and her two daughters, Peggy and Karen, had rented an oceanfront beach house for three weeks.  It was a wonderful spot immediately south of Huntington Beach State Park...the subject of some previous posts.
     Since it takes nearly two hours to drive up to (and back from) their North Litchfield getaway, we only had time for a brief visit and a great lunch at the Crab House.  

     The oysters on the half shell were outstanding...sweet...briny...and in no need of external seasoning.  Unfortunately they are over a dollar a bite!  Others had shrimp and grits and other local fare.
     After lunch we went back to their place for a few more moments of visiting.  As they are right on the water with all sorts of comfortable seating, it would have been lovely to lean back with an adult beverage and listen to the surf.  Alas, we had to head back to Hanahan to feed the dog.
     It was a special meeting for Durelle and Estelle.
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