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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kate and Mario

     For several years I have been following the travel blog of Kate McCulley  Kate's blog.  At 26 she quit her job to travel the world as a solo, woman traveler and create a travel blog that would provide sufficient revenue to support such a lifestyle.  It was an audacious objective, but she has succeeded.  Last evening we had a chance to have supper with her and her fiance, Mario, as they paid a short visit to Charleston.  Kate is a relative...sorta.  I refer to her as my niece-in-law in that she is my wife's brother's wife's brother's daughter!  Have you ever seen four consecutive words with an apostrophe?
     We had agreed to meet at the Hominy Grille because Kate, always the adventuresome traveler, wanted to sample the uniquely local cuisine.  We arrived to find an hour and a quarter wait for a table so we took route 17 over the Ravenel bridge to Mount Pleasant and A Taste of Gullah Cuisine.

          Since we were so busy getting acquainted, neither one of us took our usual pictures of our food.  From a blogger's perspective that was unfortunate.  By the way, when I say something like "we bloggers", I don't presume to be grouped in the same category as Kate.  She probably gets more page views in a day than I have accumulated in five plus years of my blog.  It was a most pleasant evening with a lovely, young woman who has visited more countries than most Americans have states...perhaps more than there are states.
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