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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Charleston, SC

     OK, OK, so it has been two weeks.  We've been busy, plus an unauthorized user on my Verizon air card pushed me over my 40G limit.  Today was "reset the counter" day.  I dealt with a thousand emails (spam and regular).  A few days ago, in the early evening, Durelle announced a photo-op in the back yard.  She was right.  See below:

     That's our back yard with unedited pictures.  Since we've been back, there have been visits to: an orthopedist (for both of our right shoulders), our primary care physician, my opthamologist, audiologist, hematologist/oncologist, and rheumatologst.  Next is the dentist and the neurologist.  It sure is tough when the warrantee expires.  We all got clean bills of health including Baxter.  
     Today for lunch we wandered ( that's a euphemism. We had to get reservations well in advance.  It's six to eight weeks for supper) down to The Husk.  We started with an order of wings.

     If those look special, they were.  I had the catfish, Cindy had shrimp and grits, and Durelle had a cheeseburger.  Cindy conjured up a great analogy from when she was covering the national swimming and diving championships in Bartlesville, OK and reporting for the Tulsa World.  Greg Louganis, perhaps the best diver ever, was competing.  She noted that, while he had to have an extensive repertoire of complicated, semi-impossible dives, rules required that an assortment of basic dives had to be demonstrated first.  She said that the simple, forward dive off the ten meter platform was a thing of beauty.  Her point was that even though he could do a triple somersault with twist and a half, he could do the simple forward dive better than anyone.  Her point was, "I bet that The Husk can do a cheeseburger better than anybody.  Durelle says that she is right.
     We had a wonderful lunch, and we took a few pictures on the bench under the Husk sign out front.

     Since we were parked on the roof of the parking garage, I shot a couple of pictures from that vantage point.  The one below shows some Charleston rooftops and the Ravenel bridge.  A couple of the big cranes that enable the Port of Charleston to efficiently unload container ships are also prominent.

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