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Friday, March 20, 2015

Making do between posts

     There are times when I just don't feel like I have the pictures to put with my elegant, Churchillian prose.  The other evening I was sitting out on the screen porch armed with a camera and a martini.  It was the pre-sunset phase of the day, and I was waiting for some colors.  There weren't any, but there was a blue heron across the way standing on one leg.  I assume that it was voluntary.

     I was sprawled out in the chair looking at the contrails through the screen.  I said to myself, "Self, there's nothing wrong with taking a picture of the contrails, even if it is through the screen.

     The contrails were mixed with a bunch of alto-cirrus clouds that signify that rain is on the way, but not for a few days.  Tim and Wendy will recognize the Traeger in the foreground.  I took another shot as the light faded.

      At this point in life it takes less and less to make one happy...a pleasant sky, warm climes, and a cold martini will do it every time.
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