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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Change of Pace

     The whole theme of this blog is our travels.  When we are not traveling, I try to find some photo ops of other things that we are doing.  Sometimes it is a stretch.  Today's will not be about us, but it will be about a couple of topics that may interest many of you...barbecue and grandkids.  Our Maine camping group is fortunate to have among us the nationally ranked barbecuing team of Tim and Wendy Boucher.  What you may not know is that they have been providing advice to a pair of newbie barbecuers; our granddaughter, Melissa and her husband Illia Zotos.  The advice is strictly by email because the Zotoses (Zoti?) live in Sydney, Australia.
     Australia does a lot of backyard grilling.  "Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate."  Lately, however, there has been an increased interest in the barbecue competitions following the rules and formats of American (KCBS) barbecue.  After burning a few ribs in practice Melissa and Illia took their show on the road to the Blues BBQ Festival at the town green in Port Macquarie, NSW, AU.

     These were their entry, and they took first place in the ribs category and 13th overall out of fifty competing teams.

     You know, she doesn't look like she's been standing over a hot smoker all afternoon!  Congratulations to you both...there are a lot of folks who share your pride in your achievement.
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