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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Pecks are here

     As I mentioned back in February; lo, so many days ago, George and Duane Peck are using our bus while it is idle and waiting for us to head north.  It sure seems like a win-win.  Yesterday they went to the Isle of Palms and got some warm sand between their Brunswick, Maine toes.  Durelle and I went over this afternoon for an almost happy hour.  Duane's meds preclude alcohol, so George and the Cloutiers drank water, too.

     This shot is taken at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station.  The Charleston Navy Base closed forty years but the Weapons Station remains.  The Navy school for the operators and maintainers of the nuclear engines for the Navy's subs is here.  They have extensive dock facilities and a transportation squadron that is also serving as a port for returning military vehicles. It also manages the infamous "Hanahan Brig' which housed terrorists such as Padilla, for example.  A few years ago, in the interest of DoD initiated consolidation efficiencies, the Weapons Station combined with the larger Charleston AFB to form Joint Base Charleston.  The Air Force side also has a campground.  It's nicer and newer (as USAF facilities seem to be) but it did not offer the eight weeks without moving that the Navy did.
     I can't speak for the Pecks, but, without putting a cuff on his arm, George's BP seems to have  dropped over the past week.  They are kicking back, enjoying the 80 degree temperatures and doing some light sightseeing.  It may be grim returning to Maine in April.
     I would be remiss if I did not include a picture of "our" eagle that provides frequent and spectacular photo-ops.

     Remember and support our Wounded Warriors.
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