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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Make the circle bigger

     Our evening Happy Hours have been mentioned herein on many an occasion.  This past Saturday's affair grew to be one of the larger ones.  As more and more participants arrived, we just had to keep scooting back until the circle was large enough to handle to newcomers.  I decided that a picture was needed, and I had three choices.  One, step back and take one large pictures.  The result, of course would include the backs of a lot of heads.  Two,  I could rouse everyone off their comfortable seats and rearrange them into a camera-facing assemblage.  Three, I could walk around the outside of the circle and take several pictures and post them all.  The results of choice three follow:

                                             No, that is not Tim Boucher waving!

     More than one camper has posed the question,"What DO those people talk about for two hours?"  And then they join the circle and contribute to the babble.  
     The demographic is not particularly diverse except by profession and geography.  The majority are retired, and most of the rest are nearly there.  It's probably not the cabal that you would want running the country.  There's a good smattering of veterans and other old school patriots.  There is nothing homogeneous about the group other than the sociability and respect normally found in the RV lifestyle.
     It certainly makes one appreciate what we have.  

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