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Monday, February 8, 2016

Tentative schedule

     Before I get started with the schedule for 2016, permit me a  few pictures.  We now have some baby pictures that are not so immediately post-partum.  First is a classic proud dad picture,

and the second is a picture of the cousins, our two great-granddaughters, Brielle and Madeleine (in the carriage).

     Saturday we met Myrt and Debra at a halfway point between us at Pawley's Island.  We had a great lunch at Perrone's.  You have never seen a greater assortment of beers.  I had a couple of my own personal brand, an ale called "old curmudgeon".  Debra is really looking forward to leaving her job on the first of May and starting a new job as the manager of the Moorings RV Resort.

     A couple hours ago I had a visit with a spinal surgeon I have seen before.  We spent some time poring over my MRI from 2014. The reason for the meeting was to ask and answer the question, "If we start now, can the pre-op, surgery, recovery, and initial PT get accomplished so that he will release me for "light duty" to include driving o/a 1 June?"  Fortunately the answer is yes.  I'll need a release from my cardiologist before surgery, but I saw him in Oct, so I hope he won't need any more tests and will issue a release quickly.  A fresh MRI is being scheduled.  Surgery should be o/a 1 March.  I learned this morning that not only was there obvious slippage between lumbar 4/5, but there is a little slippage between lumbar 3/4.  Dealing with two joints in one surgery is a little more complicated, but since they are on opposite sides of the same vertebra, it's not that big of a problem.  My quick trip to New England in two weeks should not be affected.
     So we WILL be able to have another summer on the shore of Penobscot Bay.  Even Baxter is looking forward to another year (I think).  We may not get there on 1 June, but it will be close.

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