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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July pig roast and barbecue

     A tradition has been established whereby three couples from various states assemble here on Penobscot Bay for a week or so around the 4th to put on a large barbecue celebration. The whole campground is indebted to Tom and Michelle Perelka, Tim and Wendy Boucher and John and Theresa Carlberg. I did a pair of blogs about last year's event so I won't repeat all of the pig roast preparations this time...just scroll back a year. I will include a few.

             Here's Tim and Tom lifting the 120 pound pig out of the cooler.

                          Michelle is enjoying the prep job a little too much.

                    Miss Piggy is getting vaccinated with the secret sauce.

     The pig cooked all night. The barbecuers also did eight racks of ribs, a half a dozen briskets, and an endless supply of chicken pieces. We had a wonderful setting for the tables for a hundred people There was 100% participation by the campers who brought every manner of side dishes as the only price of admission.

                  The background is the aforementioned Penobscot Bay.

       I'm helping out by cutting several large rolls of sausage into serving sized pieces.

     Before we started we had a few words appropriate to the occasion from Debra Donahoo, USAF Col. (ret.) who is the campground manager. The improvements that she and the new owner, Jeff Nestor, have brought to the campground are huge and appreciated.
     We ended the day with a spectacular fireworks show put on by some of the campers. After the show was over a local policeman showed up to say, "Next year get a permit."
     I hope you had as good a fourth of July as we did, but I doubt it.
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