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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


     We don't spend very long in Maine before we arrange a trip down to Waldoboro to pay a visit to Morse's Diner. It's not really a diner; it's more of an overstocked European-style delicatessen with a half dozen booths appended for the lunch crowd. It started out as a purveyor of homemade sauerkraut almost a century ago (1918). You can still get sauerkraut and pickles and similar products from their innumerable crocks. For me the best part is the charcuterie of cured meats and cheeses.

     If you can't find a cheese or a sausage you like here, you had better stick to cheeseburgers.In addition, there are many stuffed shelves of exotic goodies.

     Lunch, of course was an assortment of German specialties: many wursts, and plain, schnitzel, spaetzle, with several good mustards on the table. The procedure is to put your name on the waiting list for lunch, grab a basket and go shopping. Since your basket is likely to contain refrigerated items, they will happily put your basket in the walk-in refrigerator while you eat. there is another point of interest with regard to the deli. I asked for a pound of smokey blue cheese to be cut from a partial wheel of cheese as well as an unsliced  pound of Bavarian salami. In each case, they weighed the whole chunk, estimated what fraction a pound would be, and made the cut. The cheese weighed 1.00 lbs., and the meat weighed 1.01 lbs.! Try that at your local food mart.
     Whenever we get in the vicinity of Rockland, there is a strong tendency, lead by Eleanor, to swing by Dorman's ice cream stand.

 I took a few pictures through the windshield of the car that are cluttered by the reflections off the glass.

     We took the scenic route back through Rockport, including the dirt road along the harbor. As we crossed the bridge in Rockport, I asked Dick to slow down while I held the camera out the window and clicked. The result is below.

     Just another s#<&%y day in paradise.
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