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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our First Lobster Boil of 2016

     Probably the iconic event associated with RVing on the Maine coast is a lobster boil. For we late arrivals, Saturday was our first of the season. Dick Roth and associates have the process down to a comfortable routine. While the lobster pots are being readied, others are arranging the tables.

     The lobster pots are set up on the propane burners.

     The water was sea water which is readily available at a modest price...some heavy toting for someone. Then the lobsters are consigned to the pot.

     16 minutes (+ or -) later out they come. Meanwhile other accessories magically appear on the tables: fresh corn, chips, butter, paper towel rolls and large dishes to collect pieces of shell, corn cobs and other detritus.

     Then they are served to the 13 (today) hungry campers. The server today was the new, and very effective, campground manager and retired USAF Col, Debra Donahoo.

     And, of course, someone provided blueberry pie and ice cream. After a partial cleanup (the pots get scrubbed the following morning), we adjourn to our customary Happy Hour and watch the sunset.

     It wasn't until 8:00 that we wandered back to our individual RVs. Perhaps you can imagine a more perfect day, but you'd have to work at it.
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