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Friday, September 30, 2016

Lunch with the Sillars

     In the dim historical mists of nearly forty years ago we often shared high school bleacher seats with another Nashua High School wrestling parent, Sally Sottak (now Sillars) whose son Jeff graduated from USMA the same year (1985) that Mark graduated from USAFA. The Sillars now have a summer home on a lake near Peru, ME about an hour west of Augusta. That makes it reasonably convenient to meet halfway for lunch at one of the many appropriate spots in the Augusta area. One such spot is The Liberal (as in generous) Cup, a brew pub in Hallowell.

    We swapped stories, brought each other up to date and exchanged pictures of assorted progeny. It was a nice lunch on the Kennebec River.
     For those curious about my leg(s) I drove with no difficulty.
     Happy hours are now quiet and lonely affairs. Durelle and I just sat in the two front seats of the bus with our cocktails and looked through the windshield at Penobscot Bay.

     It's not a great picture, but it shows what a pleasant view that we have every day. It will be hard to leave.
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