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Monday, September 26, 2016

Waning Days

     The overnight low temperature dropped into the 30s. If this keeps up, I'll soon have to stop wearing shorts. :-) The seasonal campers are starting to disappear. Even some of the premium oceanfront sites are occasionally empty. So, while our view of the ocean is improving, we know our days are numbered.

     For those following our wanderings, here's what the tentative schedule/itinerary looks like. Our son, Mark, is going to take off a week or so to help us pack, drive south, and unpack. You can only imagine what a relief it is to have that help. His son and granddaughter will deliver him here Saturday and take the car back to Nashua on Sunday. I hear that lobsters have been requested for Saturday night. Sunday we'll finish getting the bus ready to roll again. Monday we'll depart the shores of Penobscot Bay and head for Nashua and spend two nights there in Mark's cul-de-sac. Durelle is hoping to drop in on a card game at Nashua Country Club on Tuesday. From Nashua to Charleston is 1100 miles. With some help driving, that should be a couple of 400 mile days and 300 more home on Friday the 7th after over one hundred days of "camping". Stops should be at Lickdale, PA and Enfield, NC. The frosting on the cake is that Mark will spend the weekend in Charleston helping us unpack.
     Although we have put down a deposit for 2017, another season here is not guaranteed. My neuropathy, as well as some lesser ailments, may prevent it. If so, there will still be a wide assortment of wonderful memories of our dozen summers here. During those times there have been too many friends to safely list. The key is what we have shared and the assistance we have given to each other. The food and the scenery weren't bad, either. There is a special bond among those living the RV lifestyle. We are fortunate to have shared it for several decades and several hundred thousand miles.


feeding said...

It's always sad to leave The Moorings. We all get that empty feeling when it's time to head home. Enjoy the time you have left this year. We'll be hoping everything works out and you'll be able to be there next year. We will be watching your blog and following your trip home.

jsfare said...

John and I spent 4 nights at Moorings on our first visit. We left and headed north for Lubec and Campobello Island for a few days. Enjoyed Moorings sooooooooooooo much that we stopped for a few more nights on our way back home. When we left THAT time, we wondered to ourselves how we could miss a place and a group of people so much when we had only known of either for less than two weeks. Those of you who have been there many times know the reason is that there is a very special combination of folks and location that makes Moorings VERY special. We are hoping, like all from Moorings who read this Blog, that Fate, Karma, the Universe, God, or whatever or whomeveryou choose to call it, will put you and Durelle back there for at least several more seasons to come. Be well and travel safely.
We will give you a pass THIS time for a lunch stop in Newburgh :).

DDonnahoo said...

Totally agree with Jackie and Wendy! Moorings will simply not be the same without you and Durelle so you best do what you need to do to get yourselves back here next year!