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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Moorings at its Best

     On Saturday of Labor Day weekend the campground put on a lobster feed for 60+ campers. It was favored by a spectacularly perfect day and a lot dedicated camp workers, but the leading force was the new campground manager, Debra Donnahoo. 

     Being an old retired GI, a Colonel in an apron is a bit of an anomaly for me, but she was everywhere. Tables were rounded up and covered with tablecloths. Lobster pots and burners were borrowed. 65 lobsters (only six bucks each) and five dozen ears of corn were procured. Numerous side dishes magically appeared. The Bouchers showed up with their signature pulled pork for the few members of the no-shellfish crowd.
     Normally, when we have a Dick Roth led lobster feed, we seat fifteen to twenty. Tripling the head count really takes some coordination and planning. Having observed a few over the years, I can say this was like clockwork. Did I mention the perfect weather? ...cloudless skies, 71 degrees, light breeze and shade for most of the tables.

     Two of the industrious workers were the new owners, Jeff and Bonnie Nestor with son Nicholas.

     With Penobscot Bay as a backdrop and generous assortment of old and new friends, it was a most pleasant event.

     Thanks to all those unsung workers who made it all happen.
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