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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

This will be a disjointed blog addressing multiple topics for multiple audiences, not all of which are connected. For those of you with Moorings connections, Phil and Carol Andrews joined us today and will stay for the weekend. We had our first real Happy Hour inside at our rig. 'Twas a nice visit. Ekco learned today that Alex is going to have a SISTER! Ekco is happy.
There was a dramatic story with a happy ending for our youngest grandson, Kevin, yesterday. During the summer he works for one of the largest party rental companies in New England (you know, tents, tables, chairs etc.) Yesterday they had a couple of truckloads going down to MIT for some graduation related activities. At the last minute Kevin's boss pulled him off the truck and swapped him for a smaller guy. Kevin is a big, 6-3, 225 lb guy and with three in the front seat of the box truck, it would have been crowded. While heading down route 3 into MA, other drivers noticed smoke and flagged them down. The driver pulled into the breakdown lane and the two 22 year old workers ran around back and opened the truck. They were instantly engulfed in a propane fueled fire. The guy that replaced Kevin is at Brigham and Women's burn center with life-threatening burns.
Back to the Moorings. There is a Monaco from PA in the front row on the water. Yesterday he was on a ladder trying to deal with a leaking rubber grommet/seal around one of his slide-outs when he fell off the ladder and broke both arms. He went back to the hospital again today to have some plates and screws installed in both of them. He was told that he would not be able to drive for six weeks. He insists otherwise. In any case, I offered to drive it back to PA for them as she does not drive the motor home. It remains to be seen if they will take me up on the offer.
On a lighter note, there is a couple from Minnesota in a fifth wheel with many states and several provinces filled in on their decal map of North America. This, however, is the first time they have seen an ocean...any ocean. During our visit we spent a good deal of time explaining tides. They had never seen one and asked questions like, "How often do they happen?" They quickly understood. It's just that they had never had the experience before. That's what makes RVing so much fun.
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