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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Rainy Saturday on Penobscot Bay

This morning, after walking the dogs in the rain, I showered, shaved, and changed into dress shoes, chinos, West Point blazer and necktie. I have probably tied a necktie more often in the past month than in any year since 1997 when I retired. After breakfast I drove fifty miles west to Oakland, ME where I joined three classmates at the funeral for Bob Estes. Bob was your classic feisty, independent Mainer who was a Huey pilot extroadinaire (DFC and 27(!) Air Medals). It was a simple, dignified and moving outdoor ceremony at a family home. We didn't have a bugler, but an old Khe Sanh Marine with a foot long harmonica produced a wonderful, plaintive substitute.
Providently, the rain quit in time for the funeral. The drive back to the coast in the early afternoon produced one of those vignettes that epitomizes the state of Maine. I realized that I was overtaking a bicyclist with a shotgun across the handlebars and the biggest, wild, tom turkey I have ever seen strapped to the back of his bike!
The weather has now settled down, the winds are calm, and it is a pleasant 70 degrees. Hope you are as comfortable as we are.
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