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Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Harbor

Friday was a full day. Actually, the picture of the bus was taken on Thursday evening depicting a small happy hour and our relationship to the water. The next to last picture (they loaded in reverse chronological order) was taken from our table at Shaw's fishermans co-op in New Harbor. Please note the complete absence of any pleasure craft in the picture. This is a working fishing villge, and a pretty one at that. We sorta played tour guides on the New Harbor/Pemaquid/Round Top trip for Walt and Donna. Shortly after he arrived three weeks ago, Walt fell off his ladder and broke both arms. As a result their tour activities were reduced to almost zero. Friday was a bit of a consolation prize, and it was a chamber of commerce day. We had the obligatory lobster rolls and associated accoutrements. While we were there they got to see a couple of lobster boats unload their catches right below us. From there we drove to Pemaquid Point for gift shop and lighthouse and thence to the Round Top ice cream stand in Damariscotta. We got back in time for the campground-wide Friday happy hour.
We are currently blessed with the presence of Tim and Wendy who are competitive grillers and smokers. There is a competition this weekend and they are busy trying out new and refining old recipes. To the joy of fellow campers they prepare much more than they can eat. The next picture shows the pulled pork sliders that they brought to the happy hour. The last (first) picture shows the site of the happy hour. Are you jealous?
This morning a couple of us helped Walt get rigged for traveling. Some tasks are difficult with two broken arms. He has one brace and one cast and feels sure that he's up to a couple of days of driving. He won't be unhooking until he gets home.
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