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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back in South Carolina

     I was going to take a picture of the bus in front of the house to use for my arrival/home blog.  Unfortunately it made its way to the RV storage lot at Joint Base Charleston before I took the picture.  We arrived in Hanahan at 1515 Monday.  Cindy was here ready to help and we were unloaded by 1700.  We then crashed around some pizza and beer.  Tuesday I flushed the tanks, defrosted, etc.  It is convenient to have a standard 4 inch access to the sewer line right in our front yard.  Durelle washed all the linens and on Wednesday we returned the bus to the storage yard.  We have landing strips under the tires, tire covers installed, and mirror covers mounted (thanks, George).  It won't move again until May.  I'll make a run to Gaffney, SC (Freightliner factory) in early May for the annual preventive maintenance stop.  Then we'll start our 2011 trip.  This time we are going to swing south through Houston (Hello Roths and Lowreys) then to Colorado for a month or so.  From there we'll head to Empire. MI (Hello Dick and Jeanette), then across Canada and into Maine for August and Part of September.  There will be a Cloutier family reunion in MA in September.  Then we'll wander back to SC for the winter.  So we face a couple of months of blogs with no travels.  Perhaps some pictures of pressure washing the house will work.  Actually we are expecting a series of houseguests in April.  We look forward to playing host and showing them some of Charleston.  Stay warm.
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