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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seaside, Florida

     For the motorhomers following this intermittent diary, today was a rendezvous with Dick and Eleanor Roth.  They have been "full-timers" for at least a dozen years, and our paths have crossed many times and will again.  Seaside is about halfway between Tyndall AFB and Destin, FL where they are currently parked.  We have made the same connection before.  We were gone from the bus for five hours, so the Kerlins, and their golden, Reddy, took Baxter for a walk while we were gone.  Brenda reports that Baxter did just fine.
     For you northerners, Eleanor and I had crawfish linguini.  It was really good.  There was more Andouille sausage than crawfish, but that's OK.  Given the weather in the rest of the country, it would be small of me to complain about the fact that the temperature here tonight may drop into the 30s, so I won't.  This is a most pleasant place to take the dog for a walk after his supper at five.  By the way, at five on weekdays the Retreat formation is broadcast over loudspeakers.  It is good, if we are outside to pay the proper respects to the flag and the ceremony.  There is a long nature trail along the bayou and there are usually other walkers doing the same thing.  Our site faces west into the sunset over the bayou.  It couldn't be much more pleasant.  We'll leave Sunday and get home Monday.
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