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Monday, March 7, 2011

We moved

     We got a knock on the door this morning.  The guy in the golf cart said that we had moved our way up the waiting list for a sewer site.  We liked the one we had, but for a week we decided to move.  Two sites were available.  One was up by the clubhouse, but it was not a satellite site.  So we moved from #16 to #19 and retained our view of the Pearl Bayou.  As you can imagine, the preparation to move one of these things is almost the same for a hundred meter move or a hundred mile move.  We have basically the same view and the logistics are the same.  After we got backed in and I was setting up, Durelle and Baxter were over at the edge of the bayou.  She interrupted my efforts by calling me over to see something.  My initial reaction, of course, was not enthusiastic, but I went.  Then she said that there was a loon out there on the bayou.  The most generous description of my expression was "sceptical".  But, guess what, it was a loon.  She heard it and I didn't really believe it.  When I got over there, I didn't hear it, but it was a loon.  Even though we were not close enough to see the chararcteristic eyes and plumage, I could tell that it was riding low in the water like a loon and Durelle was convinced that she recognized the call.  I sure didn't expect to see a loon in Florida.  Any of you bird watchers out there have a comment? 
     We went to a nearby seafood restaurant last evening, but they didn't have oysters on the half shell.  I spotted an oyster bar in the area and went there for lunch today.  Durelle doesn't do oysters.  Then I found that they were open only from 4-9 PM.  So I have still have not had my oyster fix.  I will.
     The pictures show Durelle and Baxter in a swing in front of our bus and a couple of sunset pictures.  The last one was taken from inside the bus.
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