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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden City, Kansas

     The Great Plains.  Draw a line straight north from Shamrock, TX to Garden City, KS generally following route 83.  That was the bulk of our day.  The pictures were taken in the north end of the Texas panhandle during our lunch stop.  It is flat with the horizon ten miles away in all directions.  For the most part the road is one lane each way with a 65 or 70 mph speed limit.  One must squeeze right when a semi approaches because the gusts between two large vehicles passing in opposite directions at those speeds require one's full attention.  We have been in this sort of terrain before, but it is still impressive to see the extent and the desolate nature of most of it.  There are still scattered pockets of activity: large feed lots with thousands of cattle, clusters of huge grain silos, and oil wells with about half of them still pumping.  I think we saw two(!) other RVs on the road all day.  Colorado tomorrow.
     We hope that our friends and relatives in central Massachusetts are managing the rare tornadoes that are blowing through this afternoon. 
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