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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lumberton, NC

     This our last night on the road for our Summer '11 excursion.  We should be home by noon tomorrow.  We had a wonderful, no-notice visit with the Wegners in Fairfax, VA and got away this morning exactly at nine.  Monday morning, as we were getting ready to mount up in Williamsport, MD, the main slideout (driver's side, forward) declined to retract.  By going outside and heaving upwards  and inward while Durelle used the rocker switch we had some success.  By alternating on the front and back corners we got it almost all the way in.  It lacked less than an inch, but it wasn't far enough to latch.  We actually had a precursor to the problem the day we left Maine on 14 September.  There were no problems until Monday.  The slide stayed put until Fairfax.  We couldn't use the street side slides while we were parked in front of their house anyway.   The next morning it was a different story.  An hour down the road it started to drift slowly out.  We stopped a few times and repeated the process to get it almost in.  When we stopped for lunch a burly fellow RVer gave me a hand.  With the two of us on both ends of the slide and Durelle on the switch, it almost seated.  It wasn't until the end of the day at nearly four that it started to slide out again...perhaps three or four inches.  By then we were stopping in Lumberton.  We will heave it back in tomorrow, stopping as necessary, and get it fixed in Charleston.  If ProTech can't fix it, they will at least be able to secure it until our next trip to Red Bay, AL.  Such is life on the road.
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