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Sunday, October 9, 2011

No longer on the road

     Well, I don't have any dramatic or colorful pictures, nor do I have any tales of great escapades.  We arrived in Hanahan on Wednesday.  Since then. Durelle has done over a dozen loads of wash and several hours of ironing.  In comparison, I have done little.  The bus is at the shop to figure out why the main slideout won't completely close.  They will also do a wash and wax.  We have done a few walks around the neighborhood, and the Corvette's battery has been recharged and the tires re inflated   It is ready to go.  It seems to take us longer each year to recover from five months on the road.  Tomorrow we both go in to see our primary care physician, Dr. Amy Fairfax, to see where we stand.
     Tonight Cindy joined us for supper: ribs plus a special mac and cheese.
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