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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Safely Home !!

     After nearly five months and 6,302.6 miles, the bus is once again parked at 1435 Cooper's Hawk Drive.  For your interest, fuel consumption was 730.188 gallons at $2857.93.  That's $3.913 per gallon and 8.6 miles per gallon or about 45 cents per mile.  Camping fees were the big ticket item at $5,099.76.  Groceries were $2,487.36 which was just slightly less than eating out which totaled $2,762.82.
     The bus will go into the shop Friday to take care of the slide.  We had to stop twice in four hours today to heave it back in, and we arrived with it extended about five inches...not fun, but we traveled carefully and safely.  Fortunately there was no rain.
     No pictures, and it is time to go out with Durelle for one more load until we crash for the night.
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