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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Re-adapting to South Caroliona

     We are well into the change of modes.  The bus is emptied and at the shop for a wash and wax as well as a repair of our main slideout.  The washer here has been going almost continually, and Durelle has completed all of the ironing.  There have not been a lot of photo-ops but I thought that a blooming magnolia in mid-October was interesting...especially with Baxter in front.
     Cindy is on vacation this week, so I am enjoying some cooking for the three of us.  But, first, we had to get the disposal replaced.  It "threw a rod" yesterday and made a dramatic demise.  I have replaced them before, so I went to Home Depot and bought a replacement.  While the replacement had the locking collar with which I was familiar, the failed unit did not.  I was forced to call a local plumber this morning in hopes that he could come today.  Like Ann, washing dishes in the bathroom is something to be avoided.  Steve Dyson showed up two hours later.  My attempts stalled at the removal of the mounting collar of the old one.  While I hated to admit defeat, I was somewhat vindicated as Steve had to break out the old one in pieces in order to proceed.  Once that was done, everything proceeded smoothly.  We were back to normal with grilled steaks, a salad and Durelle's rice pilaf.
     The doctor's and dentist's appointments are behind us, and we are settling into a different routine.  Durelle and Cindy are watching the weather to determine some golf date(s).
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