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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last day at 72

     There has been an unconscionable delay since my last post.  I guess life is getting boring.  The weather in January has sure validated our decision to move to Charleston in 2004.  Cindy and Durelle have had ample opportunity to play golf.  The last time out Cindy started with a 43 and just barely hung on to finally beat her mother!  'Twas a long time coming.
     After the cataract surgery had such a positive and sudden impact on my vision, I decided it was about time to do something about my deteriorating hearing.  Actually, I had given a pair of hearing aids a test run in 2009 and again in 2011.  Both times hearing improved but not enough to address the primary motivation, which was to reduce the number of times that Durelle was asked to repeat what she had just said.  So, in both trials, I returned the units and got my money back.  Since those little buggers are over $2K apiece, I wanted to see significant results before I spent that kind of money.  Yesterday I went back for a third trial.  The folks there have been more than patient with me.  This time has been different.  Baxter's bark sounds like a bear and the ice cube maker sounds like an least compared to what I remembered.  I expect the third time will be a charm.
     I do have a couple of recent, albeit unrelated, pictures.  The first tries to capture the holly bush in full bloom before the cedar waxwings discover it.  The second is a young blue heron in the back yard.  He really is that blue.

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