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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter of 2012 in SC

     There have been some very nice recent comments to this blog, so I feel obliged to maintain the pace.  The salient feature of this winter has been the almost complete lack of nights when I have had to set the furnace in the motorhome.  All of the damage from the burglars has been repaired, and there is a new, flat screen TV installed.  Does anyone remember picture tubes?  As I sort of mentioned in an earlier blog, the bus was completed with the end of season work, and all washed and waxed and ready for a winter rest when we decided to leave it with ProTech to have a drier installed.  That's when the burglary occurred.  The bus came equipped with a Splendide washer-drier combo, and we (Durelle) love the convenience of not having to use laundromats.  The combination units are convenient, but the 120 volt drier is a bottleneck.  So we had decided to drive to Red Bay, AL (the factory) to replace the combo with a stacked separate washer and drier.  Then we realized that we would be forever restricted to campgrounds with 50 Amp service.  Since we spend a lot of time at sites with only 30 Amp service, we paused.  We have decided to use the storage space above the combo washer-drier to install a separate drier.  If we are at a site with only 30 Amps, we'll use the combo as before.  When we have 50 Amps, we'll use the washer part of the combo and the stand-alone drier.  It will take up no more space than a stacked washer-drier, and we can use the washer even at 30 Amp sites.  It will cost us some storage space, but so would the stacked washer-drier combination.  That work is nearly complete.  A reinforced shelf is being constructed over the combo to support the drier.  I'll include some pictures when it is done.
     These blogs are rather dull if I can't find a good picture or two.  Below are some I took last night and this morning.  It was a great sunset, and the deer cavorting on the edge of the pond were enjoyable.

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