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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oyster Roast

     The bus is still in the shop with a slide (passenger side, rear) that does not quite come all the way out.  It may be that we'll have to make a stop in Red Bay, AL on our way to Vegas.  The Dunn's arrive Thursday for three days, and we are looking forward to showing them around Charleston.  I'm sure that their visit will generate some pictures and some blog material.  Meanwhile, our next door neighbors invited us to an oyster roast this afternoon.  He had a couple of bushel and a big steamer, so he covered a wrought iron table with newspaper and we enjoyed the fun.
          The beer mug is used for scale in the picture.  It dates from my college days, so it has seen more than a few beers.  Can you translate the company motto?  Oyster roasts are somewhat similar to the Maine lobster boils that have graced these pages before.  All you need is a big pot for steaming, some cocktail sauce, a left glove and an oyster knife.  These oysters are not the single, select oysters you would find on the half shell at an oyster bar.  They come an clusters of three to ten oysters attached to each other and varying in size from a half inch to as much as six inches.  As with eating celery, you probably burn more calories than you consume...if you don't count the beer.
     The weather has been fine, and I'll close with a backyard snapshot of last evening's sunset.

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