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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top Ten List

     OK, I know, it has been ten days since I Iast posted.  So permit me to do what the networks do.  How about a rerun?  Actually I propose to post the best ten pictures of 2011.  Yesterday I went through several thousand pictures and tagged fifty.  Today I winnowed that down to ten.  From a photographic perspective, these are not necessarily the best ten, but I have allowed personal significance to influence the selection.  They are presented in chronological order.
     This was taken at Tyndall AFB on 7 March.  On one of our evening walks Durelle and Baxter enjoyed the swing overlooking the bayou.
     This guy posed for me back in Hanahan on 27 March.  It's a back yard shot.
     June found us at the Air Force Academy.  At a lunch in the clubhouse at Eisenhower Country Club I had to take a picture of the plaque with the names of prior club champions.  I hope you can make out Durelle's name for 1972.
     From there we spent some time in Estes Park.  The campground was at 8,000 feet, but the Trail Ridge Road went up to 12,000.  This is a classic high country view.
     By 22 July we were in Empire, Michigan.  This, of course, is Baxter.
     From Michigan we headed across Canada for Maine.  A very nice stop was on the western end of Lake Nippising where I caught a hawk traveling across in front of a nice sunset.
     By August we were in Maine.  Here's a rainbow in front of our bus with the pot of gold somewhere in Penobscot Bay.
     This is a September picture around the campfire at the Branns.  This, of course, is our great-granddaughter, Brielle.
     After hurricane Irene passed off shore, we went to Schoodic Point on 9 September.  Even at dead low tide, the surf was spectacular.
     On the way back home we stopped at West Point to watch Army beat Tulane.  This shot is taken through the windshield from the North Dock parking are looking north up the Hudson toward Newburgh.
     We are getting geared up to get on the road again.  With all of the mods to our rig this winter we are going to have a shakedown cruise to Huntington Beach State Park from 9-13 March.  We'll leave in May for Las Vegas for our granddaughter's wedding.
     I hope you have enjoyed the recap of 2011.
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