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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cypress Gardens

     Wednesday was the driving range for the golfers and Cypress Gardens for everyone.  It is one of many old plantation sites in the Charleston, but instead of elegant mansions and manicured gardens, this one consists of some 300 acres of cypress swamp and associated nature walks, butterfly houses, boat rides and such.  Mark, Brielle and I took one of the boats and paddled around following the white arrows attached to the cypress trees.  Among the hanging Spanish moss, 'duck your head' wooden bridges and wonderful old cypress trees standing alone in the black water we saw and heard some wildlife.  We did not see as many waterfowl as I expected, but there were several turtles and one alligator.
     After the boat ride, we rejoined the ladies and wandered through the exhibits.  Then Durelle, Mark, and Brielle walked to the wedding garden/pergola and Durelle took my camera and took the next two pictures.

     I took one in the butterfly house that was a bit unusual.

     For supper I grilled a couple of two inch thick rib eyes, and Durelle made her rice pilaf while I made some salads.
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