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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Checkered Flag

     You can tell we are back in the south.  The owner of the rig next door as we pulled in was in a recliner watching an outside, flat screen TV.  Was he watching one of the many football games?  Nope...NASCAR.
     We pulled in to a KOA in Statesville, NC just before 1600.  The reason for the "late" arrival is that we spent an hour forty visiting with a cousin I had not seen in over twenty years.  Anika and I were contemporaries growing up.  Our fathers were unusually close brothers, and in each case we were the first born.  They live in Lynchburg, VA so they arranged to meet us at rest stop on I-81S.  It was a very nice reunion.  Below is a picture of Bob and Anika Chevalier and Durelle.
     Bob is a retired Navy WO and Anika is a nurse who takes good care of him.  They were married 55 years ago.
     If you are still puzzling about the title of the blog, it has nothing to do with our neighbor's TV preferences.  What it means is that the end is in sight.  We are about 225 miles from Charleston, and I am within 24 hours of turning off the adrenaline spigot.  We'll get in at midday, unhook the Jeep, turn off the fridge (because of the slope of our driveway), park the bus and take our time unloading.  Our talented daughter, Cindy, is about to become a pack mule.
     Thanks to all for a great summer.
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